About Us

Deka Mural Is Professional Commercial Art Company, Focusing On The Creation Process From Ideas To Execution.

We are here to provide not only in professional services, but also to create works that have a beneficial impact on our clients. Because of the satisfaction of our Clients.

Murals, Interior Design, Field Branding, Trick Art, Wallpaper Has Continued Out of Our Brushes. All Quality Guaranteed With A Good And Best Design.

Who Works With Us, Namely:

Semen Indonesia, The Duck King, Dispusipda Bandung, Danone, Bulog, Jakarta King Lobster Restaurant, Lucent Productions, Angkasa Pura II, Soekarno Hatta International Airport and many more who have collaborated with us and feel the touch of Mural Design.


With Their Existence, We Create Artworks That Have Professional Capabilities In The Arts Field To Increase The Value And Attraction For Them.

Our Process:

All of Our Artworks Are Always Through Maximum Design Process In Short We Will Create Unique Designs And Innovative So As To Produce Interesting Works.

We Make Sketches, Graffiti, Mix And Match Ideas Until We Get Something We Produce To Share With Our Clients.

After the Design Results are Approved, Then the Production Stage Is Done By Our Muralist Who Will Immediately Execute.


An Artwork That Is Well Updated From Time To Time, In Every Design We Will Issue New Innovations To Get Good Works.

Team :

Our Works Are Supported By A Creative Team, From Design To Professional Manufacturing.

Design, Manufacturing, Innovation and Professional Teams We Can Give Clients To Provide A New Room Atmosphere And Have A High Prestige